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Welcome to Academic Development and Assessment

Catherine Hawkins

Dr. Catherine Hawkins, Director, Faculty Development


Office: 512-245-1981

Dr. Kitty Ledbetter, Assistant Director, Faculty Development




The mission of Academic Development and Assessment is to improve teaching and learning through planning outcomes and monitoring achievements as well as by developing strategies for enhancing the quality of education. To this end, Academic Development and Assessment provides a variety of programs and services specifically aimed at assisting in the processes of academic assessment and faculty development.



Faculty Focus Workshops - During each long semester a series of workshops is offered to enhance faculty performance in the classroom and in their scholarly and creative pursuits. Topics vary from semester to semester. Preregistration for workshops is recommended but not required.

New Faculty Orientation - Several orientation events are organized for faculty who are new to campus. Academic Development and Assessment coordinates the orientation events and hosts the orientation for new tenure-track faculty. New faculty also have access to the New Faculty website which is maintained by Academic Development and Assessment. 

Program for Excellence in Teaching and Learning - First-year tenure-track faculty are highly encouraged to participate in the Program for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. The goals of the program are to inspire teaching excellence as well as to instill a sense of community among the new faculty on campus. The program consists of a series of eight sessions held throughout the academic year.

Special Programs and Events - Academic Development and Assessment houses the campus Fulbright information, oversees the liaison for the Fulbright program, and sponsors Fulbright related workshops and events. Academic Development and Assessment also directs special events such as honoring outstanding faculty scholarly or creative endeavors.



Academic Development and Assessment has a small library of books, videos, journals and other materials related to academic assessment and faculty development.